zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Vraag en antwoord van Tim himself

scrapdoosjepetra: My question is one i asked once before. Today again my distress inkt seems not wet enough to hold on to the sticky powder. Becuase i used clear stamps i tried to stamp over de snowflakes with versamark and that worked. I use Manilla tag. I make the tags of manilla cardstock. Is it possible that makes the differnce?

there could be a couple of factors:
1. clear stamps do not hold ink the way rubber stamps do. i realize many people like the designs and translucent convenience of clear stamps, but i think rubber stamps work better.
2. maybe your distress pad needs reinking? most likely that’s not it, but possible.
3. the type of manila you’re working on might be more porous than tags. i’ve tried working with manila file folders before and they do not ink the way the tags do.
hope some of these ideas help.

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